Liz Dunphy 2

Liz is an accomplished executive coach, trainer and facilitator of workplace change and learning. She is passionate about helping leaders drop the barriers to innovation, continuous improvement and to working in flow with their teams. She has worked in this field for the past fifteen years, in both public and private sector, large organisations and SMEs.

Liz’ work is inspired by the belief that, like it or not, leaders create culture in the workplace. Therefore, in her view, leaders’ own personal development is a powerful lever for culture change. She helps leaders to discover more of their inner resources and to experiment with new and authentic communication styles and behaviours to benefit their team performance and development.

In order to support sustainable change in her clients, Liz works at the psychological level, to release blocks and un-tap potential. She also takes a Systems Thinking approach which recognizes the environmental pressures and facilitators which impact leaders. She always aims to create a safe environment for awareness-raising and experiment to take place. She stays focused on her clients’ goals, including bottom-line results, improved working relationships or being more courageous at work.