At a Glance...

  • Building Rapport
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Learning to listen (Audience)
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Projecting the right image
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Asking the right questions
  • Use of Body Language
Course Content

Training Details

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    What will I learn?

    This Training is split into two key areas:

    Understanding yourself

    • How do I communicate with others?
    • What is my communication style?
    • Identifying communication qualities
    • How to give Clarity and make an impact
    • Understanding qualities that affect others
    • Self-Awareness of how I communicate (at different times)
    • Emotional Control under pressure
    • What is my projection to others?

    Understanding others

    • How do others react to my communication?
    • Identifying communication methods
    • Giving effective communication
    • Listening correctly
    • Reading the other person (seeing the wood for the trees!)
    • Understanding differing points of view
    • Coping with stressful or difficult people
    • Understanding differing communication techniques
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    Do I need this training?

    Communication is the primary skill business owners and workers MUST get right.

    The wrong communication can be disastrous to a business or department. It can lead to bitterness and low team morale.

    If you can’t get your point across to your team members, this training will teach you how to change your behaviour and really listen to your team – as well as giving the best communication across a range of situations. Sometimes, diffusing a situation will not communicate the idea, sometimes being quiet and really listening works. Other times, you need crystal clear clarity to project yourself correctly.

    This training aims to resolve your communication issues and provide you with real help in your business or job.

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    How much will it cost?

    Course costs are dependent on:

    • Your business requirements
    • Our Training needs Assessment
    • Locations and number of Sessions required

    Please contact us if you are interested in this training.

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    Pre-Course Requirements


    We usually ask all prospective candidates to fill out a pre course questionnaire to understand if they are suitable for the training. We will email this out or ask you to fill the questionnaire at the start of the course.

    We ask you to:

    • To understand why effective communication is needed in the workplace
    • To be receptive and understand that change can only happen if you are open to the training
    • To come with your communication problems so we can work on resolutions
    • Identify current issues with staff, your own problems and conflicts you have faced
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    Course Detail


    • Course Introduction
    • Questionnaire Completion
    • Health and Safety Housekeeping

    Great communication

    • What makes a great communicator?
    • Communication methods
    • Understanding your audience
    • Humour and how it can help!
    • Negative Vs. Positive communication
    • What is my role as a communicator?
    • Clarity Vs. Minimal Interaction

    Body Language

    • What is body language?
    • What is the power of body language in my company
    • Understanding the different areas of the body
    • Using effective methods to positively impact staff
    • “Listening” and “Speaking” with your body
    • Techniques for perfecting body language

    Your Voice

    • What is Tone of Voice ?
    • What tone should I use in the workplace?
    • Categorising tone types
    • Using my tone to get results
    • Voice Projection Styles
    • Making yourself heard
    • Providing Clarity
    • Volume, Tone and Style – Bringing it all together


    • Professional Communication methods
    • Sentence structures and wording
    • Using the right style for the topic
    • Emotional Control – Correct Response
    • Getting the point across effectively
    • Examples of Bad Email Responses
    • Your problems and possible solutions


    • Preparing your communication
    • Creating a checklist of what you want to communicate
    • Understanding my audience
    • Clarity and Defining my message

    Reacting the right way

    • Understanding the situation
    • Listening to the problem (not reacting to the situation)
    • Giving the right advice
    • Controlling emotions
    • Self Awareness
    • The right words at the right time
    • Overtalking and its dangers
    • Making your point
    • Firmness Vs. Rudeness


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