At a Glance...

  • Building Relationships
  • Maintaining Relationships
  • Effective Telephone Skills
  • Winning Customers
  • Resolving Complaints
  • Winning Loyalty
  • Retaining Customers
Course Content

Training Details

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    What will I learn?

    This Training is split into two key areas:

    Winning Customers

    • Changing your behaviours
    • Good Vs. Bad Service
    • What is my offer?
    • My current service level
    • Creating expectations
    • Going beyond “duty”
    • Building Sales
    • The importance of “Good” Service
    • Consequences and Benefits

    Keeping Customers

    • Managing Expectations
    • Giving relentless support
    • Doing what you say, Saying what you do
    • Re-selling Products
    • Getting long term loyalty
    • Resolving complaints quickly
    • Consequences and Benefits
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    Do I need this training?

    This training is suitable for any business owner, department owner or internal manager where customer service is a large proportion of the job.

    From an internal role point of view this will include:

    • Project Managers
    • HR Staff
    • IT Staff
    • High Level Management
    • Change Managers

    From a business point of view this training will be suitable for:

    • SME’s
    • Large Companies
    • Product based businesses
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    How much will it cost?

    Course costs are dependent on:

    • Your business requirements
    • Our Training needs Assessment
    • Locations and number of Sessions required

    Please contact us if you are interested in this training.

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    Pre-Course Requirements


    We usually ask all prospective candidates to fill out a pre course questionnaire to understand if they are suitable for the training. We will email this out or ask you to fill the questionnaire at the start of the course.

    We ask you to:

    • To Think about the kinds of situations you are faced with daily in your job as a customer service representative
    • To be receptive and understand that change can only happen if you are open to the training
    • To come with your business problems so we can work on resolutions
    • Identify current issues with staff, your own customer service problems and conflicts you have faced
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    Course Detail


    • Course Introduction
    • Questionnaire Completion
    • Health and Safety Housekeeping

    Outstanding Customer Service

    • What do you consider to be outstanding service?
    • Qualities of a service provider
    • What is my customer service role within my company
    • How to define what my customers want
    • How to define customer value

    Winning the customer

    • Winning Business Vs. Customer Acquisition
    • Being the best, staying the course
    • Identifying the customer’s problem
    • Recognising the solutions available
    • Listening to the customer
    • Cycle Repetition throughout retention

    Resolving Issues

    • Changing your mindset as a service provider
    • Establishing trust to fix the problem
    • Managing Expectations
    • Working with the customer – “We’re on your side”
    • Using all resources at your disposal
    • Follow up and retention

    Customer Loyalty

    • Thinking different – Is the customer always right?
    • Ongoing Support Process
    • Continuous Improvement of Service
    • Offering more
    • Going beyond customer requirements
    • Personal relationship building
    • Value Propositions


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