DISC Profile

What if you could understand a member of staff before hiring them?

A DISC Profile will give you a detailed report on how well this person:

  • Responds to conflict
  • Works in a team
  • Takes direction
  • Takes leadership decisions
  • Takes work decisions
  • Deals with change
  • Can work on their own

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A Detailed Personality Breakdown

Watch the video below and find out more!

Download a Sample Report

Build a dynamic, fresh workplace.

Knowing your team members and staff dynamics is no longer an option. It’s an absolute necessity.

DISC Profiles give you a headstart by giving you a detailed analysis of your team, prospective hires as well your own personality aspects.

So why is this important?

DISC profiles allow you to build productive teams, develop your managers and improve your customer service.

The DISC Classic Report is a 28 Page detailed report with just 20 questions taking 10 minutes.


DISC Personality Reports

  • Match prospective candidates to jobs
  • In-depth personality diagrams and charts
  • Simple 10 minute multiple choice quiz
  • Fantastic way to know your candidates

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Growth Accelerator

  • Build a scalable, exponential business
  • Get match funding for your coaching
  • Move to the next phase of your business
  • Work smarter and make more money

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1-2-1 Coaching

  • Identify clear business goals
  • Review your business systems
  • Access to world class coaches
  • Regular reviews and support

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