Every business needs someone to:

  • Bring an objective outlook to your business
  • Bring out the best in the existing team
  • Act as a critical friend
  • See the bigger picture
  • Introduce other people and connections
  • Have experience that applies to tasks in the business

This is why we have brought together successful entrepreneurs who have built and sold successful businesses in the past and are running businesses currently. They have practical experience of the challenges faced by business owners and leaders. Our entrepreneurs panel consists of mentors that are passionate about helping others to build successful businesses. We do this through one to one mentoring and coaching, workshops, training and as Non-executive Directors. We have specialists in the different areas of a business that complement each other and business owners.

Below are Centre for Enterprise’s Panel of Entrepreneurs and Specalists, click on an image below for more information about them

Ajaz_Ahmed     Peter_Hall-Jones  Jamil_Ahmed

     Martyn Davis