At a Glance...

  • Understanding Intrapreneurship
  • The Re-Invention of your organisation
  • Intrapreneurial Growth Objectives
  • What Intrapreneurial skills do I have?
  • The Culture of Intrapreneurship
  • Unlocking Intrapreneurial Talent
  • Overcoming Silo-Working
  • Encouraging Idea Development

Do you want to build an organisation where people are allowed to think for themselves to propel your company to exponential growth?

Welcome to Intrapreneurship.

Course Content

Training Details

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    What will I learn?

    This Training is split into two key areas:

    What is an Intrapreneur?

    • Defining Intrapreneurs
    • Intrapreneurial Skills and Behaviours
    • Why Intrapreneurship is important
    • The Life of an everyday intrapreneur
    • Am I an intrapreneur?
    • Understanding my duties to my organisation
    • Making autonomous decisions
    • Being open to change
    • Being an Intrapreneurial Leader
    • Growing everyday

    Changing Organisational Culture

    • Overview of organisational Intrapreneurship
    • Is our organisation intrapreneur-ready?
    • Identifying an Intrapreneurial organisation
    • Identifying the willing
    • Understanding Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Command and Control to Freedom Leadership
    • Being the Change – Top Down Scenario
    • Allowing Ideas to ‘catch fire’
    • Being receptive and developing the team
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    Do I need this training?

    This training is suitable for organisations of any size who want to build a dynamic skilled workforce that can take decisions for the good of the whole organisation and move away from silo independent working that slows progress.

    This training is suitable for:

    • HR Managers
    • Customer Relationship Managers
    • Leaders
    • Business Owners
    • Staff Workers

    From a business point of view this training will be suitable for:

    • SME’s
    • Large Companies
    • Corporate Blue Chip Organisations
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    How much will it cost?

    Course costs are dependent on:

    • Your business requirements
    • Our Training needs Assessment
    • Locations and number of Sessions required

    Please contact us if you are interested in this training.

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    Pre-Course Requirements


    We usually ask all prospective candidates to fill out a pre course questionnaire to understand if they are suitable for the training. We will email this out or ask you to fill the questionnaire at the start of the course.

    We ask you to:

    • To think about the kinds of situations you are faced with daily where you can resolve problems by offering real solutions
    • To be receptive and understand that change can only happen if you are open to the training
    • To come with your business problems so we can work on resolutions
    • Identify current issues with business, idea barriers and management problems
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    Course Detail


    • Course Introduction
    • Questionnaire Completion
    • Health and Safety Housekeeping

    What is an Intrapreneur?

    • Identifying qualities of an Intrapraneur
    • Am I in intrapreneur already?
    • Different areas of Intrapreneurship
    • Intrapreneur Behaviours
    • Making business decisions
    • Being open to change
    • Developing Ideas
    • Working in an Intrapreneurial Team

    Workplace Culture

    • Where are we now?
    • Identifying the “Willing”
    • Showing by Doing
    • Being receptive to a change in culture
    • Listening to Staff Ideas
    • Promoting Intrapreneurship
    • Departmental Segmentation
    • Creating viral change
    • Encouraging Conversation

    The Power Of Intrapreneurship

    • What does Intrapreneurship give us?
    • What Intrapreneurial skills can I bring today?
    • The Day-to-Day Transformation
    • Reviewing Processes
    • The Freedom to Think
    • Continuous Self Review


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