Powerful delivery and support for LEPS.

We provide end-to-end support to help you deliver.

Outsourced solutions for 39 LEPS

  • Project Guidance
  • Delivery of Projects
  • Employer Engagement
  • Providing Support to Stakeholders
  • SME Support
  • Intrapreneurship Training
  • Briefing and Training for LEP Boards

Our aim is to empower you to achieve your regional enterprise and innovation goals.

In 2015 we successfully supported the Leeds City Region with training to 190 business owners in cutting edge Intrapreneurship training.

Looking for help in regeneration?

We support all your local economic growth activities by providing you with deliverables based on what you need in your region.

We can train your employees, deliver on your key growth areas and give SME’s in your community the training they need to succeed.

Support for Local Enterprise Partnerships across the UK

  • Innovation
  • Intrepreneurship
  • Business Growth

We can work with your local business community wherever you are in the UK.

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Capacity Building

We can identify and resolve skills gaps in your staff, add skills and support.

We give you:

  • On the Job Training
  • Office Support
  • Staff Development
  • Acquiring Skills and Resources

Project Delivery

Providing real delivery of your LEP Projects to communities

We provide:

  • SME Interaction
  • Business Community Training and Development
  • Intrapreneurship and Leadership Training
  • Delivery of Business Projects


Access Industry Leading Training for your LEP from Board to Partner Level

We give you:

  • Intrepreneurship, Leadership and Management Training
  • Briefing and Training for Board Level Managers
  • LEP Partners Training
  • Local Business Community Training