At a Glance...

  • Develop your personal identity
  • How to understand staff conflicts
  • Understanding your working style
  • Building self confidence
  • Building leadership awareness
  • Effective Management Techniques
  • Managing Team morale
  • Developing yourself and your mindset
Course Content

Training Details

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    What will I learn?

    This Training is split into two key areas:

    Understanding Personal Effectiveness

    • What is my personal identity in this business
    • How do people relate to me?
    • My strengths and weaknesses
    • What is my working style?
    • What are my attitudes and behaviours?
    • Identifying my mindset
    • What is my work ethic?
    • Self Awareness Training
    • Improving Continuously, Self Appraisal and Management
    • Planning my mindset change
    • Skills Definition – Creating an effectiveness toolset

    Applying Personal Effectiveness (in the workplace)

    • Identifying staff problems
    • Motivating the team
    • Keeping morale high
    • Getting the team to recognise who I am
    • Working Effectively on my own and within a team
    • Reflecting mindset on others
    • Earning respect and being valued
    • Personal Smart working methods
    • Coaching and Managing the Team (for Leaders)
    • Providing Internal mentoring to others
    • Identifying judgement issues
    • Conflict management and Team Issues
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    Do I need this training?

    This Training is suitable for leaders and workers who are involved in team activities where their judgement, opinions, values and day to day work is needed to operate seamlessly with others.

    The Training is intended to make workers self aware of their own values and work on improving the way they work, the way the team operates, and the way the rest of the team members view you within the workplace.

    This training is suitable for

    • Team members of any size
    • Leaders
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    How much will it cost?

    Course costs are dependent on:

    • Your business requirements
    • Our Training needs Assessment
    • Locations and number of Sessions required

    Please contact us if you are interested in this training.

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    Pre-Course Requirements


    We usually ask all prospective candidates to fill out a pre course questionnaire to understand if they are suitable for the training. We will email this out or ask you to fill the questionnaire at the start of the course.

    Please note as part of this course we will usually ask you to complete a disc profile to understand more about who you are.

    We ask you:

    • To think about your personal requirements in your role as a worker or leader
    • To think about why you would want to change your mindset to be more effective
    • To be receptive and understand that change can only happen if you are open to the training
    • To come with your personal effectiveness problems and why staff are not receptive to you
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    Course Detail


    • Course Introduction
    • Questionnaire Completion
    • Health and Safety Housekeeping

    Who am I?

    Please note as part of this course we will usually ask you to complete a disc profile to understand more about who you are as a person.

    • What are my values?
    • What are my work ethics?
    • How do I view the people in my team?
    • Identifying my responsibilities
    • Identifying my strengths and weaknesses
    • Understanding my role in detail
    • What is my current level of effectiveness
    • Do my colleagues respect my opinion?
    • Am I valued in my team?
    • What personality traits do I bring?
    • What personality weaknesses do I need to work on?

    My Self Belief

    • Identifying Self Confidence
    • What are my beliefs?
    • What is my future here?
    • What are my skills?
    • Understanding emotional intelligence
    • What is my stress tolerance?
    • My belief in this role, right now, today
    • Being Self Aware
    • Stress Reduction Management

    Creating an Impact

    • Getting my staff to recognise me
    • Staff Listening Vs. Hearing
    • Being assertive, Getting things done
    • Team Task Completion – What’s really getting done?
    • Applying the “Leading by Example” Rule
    • Team Recognition of their work

    Creating a Toolset

    • Identifying one’s weaknesses
    • Creating an effectiveness plan
    • Strategies for dealing effectively with others
    • Reducing stress levels in my team and myself
    • Techniques for improving self confidence
    • Review and Repetition


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