At a Glance...

  • Your team definition
  • How to hire the right people
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Team Needs
  • Self-Sustaining Business Model
  • Team Motivation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Beyond the role
Course Content

Training Details

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    What will I learn?

    This Training is split into two key areas:

    Creating the Team

    • What are your team goals?
    • What are Staff Personalities?
    • Searching for Intrapreneurs
    • What is DISC?
    • Identifying Team Requirements
    • Identifying Team Resources
    • Work Ethics and Responses
    • How do I choose the right people?
    • Finding Bottlenecks and Weak points
    • Managing team expectations
    • Identifying development opportunities
    • Understanding Team Values and Strengths

    Maintaining the Team

    • Team Nurturing and Development
    • Team Training
    • Adding Value everyday
    • Reward Vs. Recognition
    • Keeping motivation, staying the course
    • Daily Core Activities
    • Training the team to work Autonomously
    • Process Training
    • Coaching and Development Activities
    • Personal Development
    • Playing to Team Strengths
    • Trust and Company Values Development
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    Do I need this training?

    This training is suitable for any business owner who looks after staff in any capacity.

    If you are responsible for staff and want to understand how to get the best out of them, this training will enable you to make the best decisions and form a team that will work with you at every stage of your development.

    From a business point of view this training will be suitable for:

    • SME’s
    • Large Companies
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    How much will it cost?

    Course costs are dependent on:

    • Your business requirements
    • Our Training needs Assessment
    • Locations and number of Sessions required

    Please contact us if you are interested in this training.

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    Pre-Course Requirements


    We usually ask all prospective candidates to fill out a pre course questionnaire to understand if they are suitable for the training. We will email this out or ask you to fill the questionnaire at the start of the course.

    We ask you:

    • To think about what you want to achieve as person responsible for staff
    • To think about what you want to have as a final goal? Do you want to be able to walk away from your business?
    • To be receptive and understand that change can only happen if you are open to the training
    • To come with your business problems so we can work on resolutions
    • Identify current issues with staff, your own customer service problems and conflicts you have faced
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    Course Detail


    • Course Introduction
    • Questionnaire Completion
    • Health and Safety Housekeeping

    Defining your work

    • Identifying your core services
    • Identifying your departments
    • Identifying business activities
    • Allocating staff work activities
    • How to define your offering

    Understanding your team

    • What is DISC?
    • How to get the best out of DISC
    • Identifying different personalities
    • Matching personalities to roles
    • Recognising individual qualities
    • Working with what’s available
    • Rewarding Employees
    • Recognising Achievements

    Finding Intrapreneurs

    • What is an Intrapreneur?
    • Why do I need intrapreneurs in my business
    • Getting the best out of your Intrapreneurs
    • Applying talent to core skills
    • Leading from the front – Skills Filtration
    • Continuous Intrapreneurship
    • Creating a culture of self awareness
    • Learning by Doing
    • Changing Mindsets by being open to change
    • Idea Incubation and Development
    • Understanding your receptiveness to Intrapreneurs

    Creating a Self Sustaining Business

    • Identifying business critical services
    • Identifying “nice to haves”
    • Creating a culture of Self Analysis
    • Identifying the correct staff for business critical roles
    • Staff Time Management and Time Awareness
    • Being the Boss (when the boss isn’t there)
    • Managing Staff without direction
    • Bringing organisational change across departments


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